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China's Internet 2015 enter IPv6 era

Publisher:   Release time :2012-7-10 16:26:00  Browse: 1631

June 6, in global "IPv6 QiDongRi". This day, "the next generation of the Internet development summit" was held in Beijing. The meeting, government departments, operators, Internet services of the relevant responsible for the per capita comment "1025" period will energetically promote the IPv6 network construction, in 2013 before 3 million IPv6 development broadband user.


It is reported, in 2015, China's Internet whole leap into "6" era.


The national development and reform commission, deputy director of the ZhangXiaoJiang said: "our country IPv4 addresses already basic exhausted. At the same time, the thing networking, cloud computing, mobile Internet, three nets fusion, the development of the emerging applications for more network address space and more advanced network infrastructure, to speed up the development of the next generation of the Internet has the delay."


Data show that by the end of the end of 2011, China's Internet penetration rate reached 38.3%, Internet users to 513 million, accounting for about a quarter of the total global Internet users. But this is not commensurate with the address in China accounts for only total IPv4 7.72% of the world's, and the per capita is only 0.24. According to the work of another letter institute of telecom research report, the next five years in China IP address demands for 34.5 billion.


"The Internet into the development of mobile broadband in the pan, in the next generation of the Internet age into characterization, IPv6 is the starting point of the next generation of the Internet." "China's next generation Internet demonstration project" experts committee chairman, academician of Chinese academy of engineering WuHeQuan said, to the next generation of the Internet evolution will cause the Internet industry a new round of revolution.


According to introducing, IPv6 based on the next generation of the Internet, address space is the existing Internet space of 10 29 power times. Promote the Internet to IPv6 evolution by IPv4 transition, and based on this development the next generation of the Internet has become a global consensus. Countries IPv6 scale commercial deployment time mostly in 2012 or later. At present Japan's migration fastest pace.


Time waits for no one. In 2003, China's next generation Internet demonstration project with the approval of the state council start. Last December, and in May this year, the state council premier wen jiabao two chaired the standing committee of state council, the next generation of the Internet in China deployment to speed up the development of industry. In march this year, the national development and reform commission and seven departments jointly issued the "next generation Internet" 1025 "development opinions of the notice, points out that in 2014 ~ 2015 years our country will enter the overall commercial deployment stage IPv6.


Deputy minister of education of yuan in conference du introduces, at present, China's 100 university of the campus network infrastructure, gateway website and the main information system has an IPv6 support. In addition, to 2013 the end of the year, the eastern part of our country government institutions and rank the top 100 commercial website all will support IPv6, 2015 IPv6 will be expanded to the Midwest.


IPv6, are you ready


A new generation of Internet protocol (IPv6) this really came.


IPv6 network in the world scope, June 6 official start. Global each big web site and Internet service providers to enable the agreement on that day, and start from old agreement (IPv4) transformation.


Maybe some Internet will ask, the Internet rush to update, why?


Internet each computer equipment, whether the server, personal computer and cell phone or other digital products, need to have an IP address, the address is similar to the home address, it can help information in different equipment transfer between. At present we use IP address is mainly based on the s and s to create fourth edition of Internet communication protocol, IPv4. The agreement with 32 binary Numbers to say a specific IP address, it can produce the IP address of the number is 4.3 billion. In the agreement founder winton · cerf opinion, so the huge number of IP address enough future use. But the fact proved that smart brain might make mistakes.


Along with the mobile Internet and content of networking, the prosperity, "IP address will be exhausted" prophecy from "the Wolf" type of warning into reality.


On February 3, 2011, the global Internet IP address related management organization announced that the existing Internet IP address is already on the same day the distribution. Analytic personage points out, the asia-pacific region have do not have extended IPv4 possibility, Europe, the United States, Latin America and Africa's IP address also in 2014 will be dried up. By then, the Internet will be a saturation state, can't acquire a new computer host.


Compared with IPv4, a new generation of Internet protocol IPv6 can provide mass of IP address. To be specific, it can be assigned address is 2 to 128 the number of power. Someone did an image of the example: this agreement on earth can let every grain of sand has an IP address.


To the world standard. In fact, the world is already develop standards of IPv6....... The European Union in 2010 for conversion to IPv6 on the plan; British Internet people started a group called "six UK organization, to promote British Internet industry special this upgrade; Japan, South Korea, Singapore and in accelerating the process of the next generation of the Internet.


For IPv6 attitude, the United States at first appear very cold. A very important reason is that the United States is home to strike back at that time as the Internet a lot undistributed IP address. The industry has a statement said, the whole China has the number of IPv4 addresses may also as the United States a Massachusetts institute of technology have Numbers. But now even "the landlord house also have no surplus", "uncle Sam" had to IPv6 will be up on the agenda. The data shows, in "IPv6 global QiDongRi" on, most of the contribution IPv6 traffic YouTube, about 57%, and in the row after Netflix and Facebook is.


China is also IPv6 positive advocates and participants. In march this year the country has issued about the next generation of the Internet "1025" development opinions, made clear our country "1025" during development the next generation of the Internet's goal, task, schedule and the roadmap. In addition, the domestic universities and telecom operators have into the study and test of IPv6.


The recommendation reasons:


IPv6 agreement, although the IP number to solve the problem of insufficient, but also from this creates a new problem: compatibility. How to let the existing network and the new network well collaborative work always is a difficulty. According to statistics, at present IPv6 support the web site has more than 3000, a lot of websites, has set up two agreement compatible access mechanism. For ordinary users, also need not worry about this. Most current operating system, for example, the Mac OS, a new version of the Windows and Linux are already realize the mainstream of IPv6 support.


In the industry, IP address will spent problem, a bit like 2000 years ago the outbreak of the "y2k" crisis-also made IT designers from a "unintended". For now, known as the inexhaustible, an unlimited supply of IPv6 although solved having some trouble right now, but in the long run, who can know it won't be the next IPv4?