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Microsoft TechED 2011: cloud computing power software development

Publisher:   Release time :2012-7-10 16:32:00  Browse: 1633






Microsoft greater China region cloud computing chief strategy officer of Mr. XieEnWei in the speech (51 CTO perturbation)


When Microsoft chief cloud computing strategy officer of Mr. XieEnWei in WuKeSong basketball court in a basketball players play stance ran to the stage, pulled open TechED 2011 the curtain. Mr. XieEnWei in his keynote speech, talked about with Windows Azure cloud computing architecture as Microsoft, for the current software development for enterprise in the hardware and the software will have greater investment saving.


Mr. XieEnWei spoke in case analysis, Microsoft to Qingdao software park with, they have been power development of their software outsourcing industry, with international standards need to be very much specifications and standards, they and Microsoft in cooperation with the private cloud solution Microsoft on the basis of the development provided a series of cloud services, gateway service also provides a series of collaborative working ability. Through these services to help the small and medium enterprises rapid start, software development digital enhancement.


At the same time provide cloud services effectively lower the cost of the software development enterprise, its was 60%, and effectively help the Chinese software development enterprise.


Cloud computing can actually let enterprise more focus on its main business itself, need not to IT system deployment and cost too much energy consumption. Especially outsourcing enterprise such project type enterprise, needs faster technology conversion speed and resilience, cloud computing just can provide such effect.


In addition we finally noticed, said Mr. XieEnWei all in Windows 7 can run the application of can certainly in Windows 8 inside run, compatibility is very good. Microsoft is also has done a lot of work, because of Microsoft's platform is not only in the PC, and in the mobile phone is also the same core, in the notebook and tablet computer also is same. Windows 8 resources for fewer than Windows 7, function more, but with fewer resources, this is special.