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The multiple source information series

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The multiple source information comprehensive access devices The multiple source information comprehensive access devices
Main function: the CPCI structure design of the card array, it can and more comprehensive service information source equipment assembly building more comprehensive access service system information source. The system can achieve more source information comprehensive access, concentrated control, distribution of sharing, video monitoring, and other functions, provide for audio source of comprehensive services.

Product Description



Have digital simulation, a variety of types of signal access ability to support the video, audio, etc are the source of access, and but according to different access object for the corresponding coding processing.

Low power consumption design, support CPCI hot swaps.

To different cameras, yuntai local control, and support for different control of the agreement is normalized, support service equipment to end camera, yuntai network control mode.


The main parameters


Interface type: video input BNC 16 road video output interface 16 road VGA video BNC interface input interface 1 road

VGA video output interface 2 "audio input RCA interface 16 road video output RCA interface 16 road


RS232 interface (DB9) 2 way 220 V power supply air interface in no. 1

External Ethernet interface (RJ45) 1 road

Internal Ethernet interface (RJ45) no. 2

Video compression standard: h. 264

Audio compression standard: Mpeg Ι Layer2

Network protocol: TCP/IP protocol

Video format: 1024 x 768


Environmental performance index


Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ storage temperature:-50 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃


Reliability: MTBF quartile 2000 h


MTTR than 0.5 h