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Zhengzhou science and technology museum

Zhengzhou science JiShuGuan is the construction of zhengzhou city government investment public welfare facilities, is to society the public especially for juvenile science education important base. Aims to exhibition and rich and colorful activities in science and technology, the public about, the popularization of scientific knowledge, advocating the scientific spirits, cultivate science and interest, scientific thinking method and innovation ability.

Zhengzhou science and technology museum in April 29, 2000 opening and a building area of 8426 square meters. The main building of the three layers, underground, exhibition hall is consisted of sixteen galleries, there were over 200 pieces (sets) exhibits, contents include the heaven and earth, acoustics, mathematics, natural optical, life science and so on 26 basic categories of discipline and the application technology subject. These exhibits strong scientific, knowledge, interest, artistic and participation.

Zhengzhou science and technology museum has been named as "the national youth science and technology education base", "national science education base", "henan provincial civilized unit", "top ten after-school education activities of zhengzhou city base" and so on the title.